CII exam improvements with provider PSI

The CII have been making a number of improvements around the exam process for our learners. In September 2021, a cross Chartered Insurance Institute and PSI team called the Exams Excellence group was established to focus on key improvements to CII exams based on customer and Local Institute feedback.

In July 2020 the CII announced that members would be able to book online examinations with a new provider, PSI, giving them the option to book Remote Invigilation (RI) exams at no additional cost. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, the CII has delivered more than 65,000 exams to learners in the UK and internationally. 12,000 personal finance exams have so far been completed, with 6500 exams taking place via RI. Learners now have the choice of booking exams at 72 centres in the UK and more than 700 worldwide, which is almost double the number of venues that were available before moving to PSI.

To further assist learners with RI exams, a step-by-step Remote Invigilation User Guide has been created and will be published on the CII website and promoted in candidate emails in the coming months.

Feedback for multiple-choice question exams can now be viewed immediately after the exam via the learner's MyCII portal, which can be accessed from the PSI results screen. Messaging on the CII website and shop has been updated to ensure learners do not mistake Knowledge Checkers for mock exams. Knowledge checkers are designed to help learners cement facts during the learning process. To ensure a smoother and quicker experience for learners, we have taken steps to shorten the onboarding process including letting candidates know what stage they are at and what comes next.

Candidates now also have the flexibility to change their exam date and time up to 48 hours before an exam free of charge.

If you have any questions or would like further information on the work of the Exams Excellence group, please contact Ian Simons, Customer Director