CPD Accreditation Audit 2022 - results

In 2022 the Regional Membership Team launched a new method of auditing the local institutes’ CPD offering to local members. This was to ensure the quality of CPD offered to local members was of a high standard, and met the CII CPD Standards, thereby ensuring it remained accredited by CII and counted towards members’ structured CPD.

The process specified that five local institutes undergo an audit of six-months’ worth of their CPD event programme from the previous presidential year (May 2021 – April 2022). These chosen institutes were asked to provide the following evidence for every CPD event within the chosen six-month period:

  • Speaker slides (including at least three learning objectives at the start and end)
  • Collated feedback forms (if not already on the CMS event page)
  • Marketing materials (if not already on the CMS event page)

These materials were then audited to check that they met CII CPD Standards by having:

  • A reputable speaker with relevant experience and/or credentials
  • Relevant subject matter
  • A minimum of three learning objectives
  • Learning objectives clearly displayed at the beginning & end of presentations
  • Learning objectives on all marketing materials
  • An event listing on your institute website
  • A post-event survey sent to all participants and a record kept of all responses (you can do this through the ‘Survey’ tool on each event page of your website’s CMS)

All other institutes were asked to upload two sets of slides to the Annual Returns section of Network Know-How and sign a declaration stating that their CPD event programmes met CII CPD Standards.


All five institutes passed the CPD Accreditation Audit 2022 and presented very good CPD event programmes.

Areas of good practice

  • Feedback from members was excellent across all institutes.
  • Retention of presentation documents was very good.
  • Institutes consistently used reputable speakers and companies.
  • Website listings were consistent and well utilised.
  • Surveys had consistently positive feedback for CPD events.

Areas for improvement

  • A minimum of three learning objectives must be stated for each CPD event.
  • Learning objectives must be stated on website listings and promotional emails (this is automatic when using the integrated eflyer system).
  • Learning objectives need to be stated at the start and end of all presentations.

Key Takeaways

Local institutes are doing an excellent job at providing tailored CPD content for their local members. Meetings were held with each of the five institutes, and a few key findings came from these discussions.

  1. Learning objectives on speaker presentations

In order to easily ensure speakers have a minimum of three learning objectives on a slide at the start and end of their presentations, the Regional Team have provided a PowerPoint CPD presentation template, branded for each institute – you can find yours here: www.knowhow.cii.co.uk/my-li/stationery/

  1. Signposting content on Network Know-How

The Network Know-How website is a key resource in aiding volunteers to run their councils. However, for volunteers to get the most from this resource, the Regional Team are currently redesigning the website to ensure it is as easy to navigate and access information as possible. This includes creating a new a training hub for volunteers complete with user guides and videos.

  1. CPD Speaker variety

It can be tempting to use tried and tested speakers with whom you have established relationships. Whilst these are important to maintain, it is also worthwhile utilising the CPD Database on Network Know-How to expand the range of topics and speakers for your local members to engage with. The CPD Database is updated regularly and new speakers throughout the year.