Shaping the Future Consultation

The CII recently held a consultation – Shaping the future together – in which we invited our members and stakeholders to share their views and to seek feedback on some key proposals upon which we, as a professional body, wished to consult with our members.

The CII would like to thank you for the support you gave us for the consultation, whether that was helping to host some dedicated consultation events/webinars or encouraging fellow professionals, CII members and stakeholders to take part in the consultation. The feedback we received has been invaluable, providing us with helpful input and insight as to the needs and expectations of us, as a professional body.

Since the consultation closed on 17 December, we have ensured we have reviewed all the inputs, both from the many events that were hosted – 62 in all – as well as the individual responses received through the online consultation. You can read the summary of findings here:

The consultation feedback provided us with a clear steer on the services and support our members and stakeholders are looking for to help them thrive professionally.

These include the need for:

  • Streamlined qualifications, modern assessment methods and the introduction of behavioural content provided the focus on technical knowledge is not diluted.
  • A focus on raising public trust in the profession through the promotion of professional standards and increasing confidence that member misconduct will be addressed.
  • A common strategy and clear purpose (and objectives) agreed for Societies, Local Institutes and Regional Committees.
  • A governance and operating structure that achieves greater economies of scale.
  • A Professional Map that provides individuals and firms, both large and small, with clarity around the competences required of a professional and what development support is available to address any gaps.
  • The Personal Finance Society to remain part of the CII Group, with greater collaboration between the Boards and a new leader empowered to raise public trust in the profession.

All the feedback we have received will be used by our Board to help refresh the CII strategy and next five-year plan. We will share more information on this in the months ahead.

For further information about the consultation findings please email