Central support

Regional membership team

Running your institute is time consuming and we’re very aware that as a volunteer, your time is limited and should therefore be focused on delivering the institute’s key objectives.

The regional membership team are a central resource to provide consultation and support.

Your local institute has a dedicated Regional Membership Manager who will help you with:

CPD tools – Local CPD development / Off shelf programme / Online programme / CPD Accreditation
Support tools – Network Know-how / Campaigns / Process + Protocol / Network News
Communication tools – Web and eflyer development / PR / Magazines / Newsletters
Engagement tools – Network Conference / Rep Council / Working Parties.
Local projects - Networking programmes / Proposition development.

The support team will also undertake CPD event feedback analysis, dinner surveys and e-flyer audits.

You will meet with your Regional Membership Manager at the start of the year to implement your annual development plan and again when you complete your annual assessment.

It’s important to remember that your Regional Membership Manager is a CII employee with a strategic role determined by the CIIs senior management team.

Whilst they’re able to provide you with support, they are not there to:

Attend council meetings without a specific purpose
Manage or organise your annual dinner and social events
Run the institute on your behalf.

Each Regional Membership Manager has responsibility for set number of institutes - an overview can be downloaded below.

CII Contacts

There are a number of key CII contacts that your council officers and you will be in direct contact with, in relation to the ongoing operation of your institute

And for all queries relating to the running of your institute please contact your dedicated Regional Membership Manager; the team responsible for supporting your council and helping to deliver relevant membership services to your members:

David Irvine
Regional Membership Manager
07921 234 323
Matt Ward
Regional Membership Manager
07843 265 559
Julie Hicks
Regional Membership Manager
07918 674 589

Regional Membership Executives and Regional Membership Administrators, supporting local institute activity and the delivery of national projects:

Sharon Williams
Regional Membership Executive (Midlands based)
0121 665 6900
Karen Fothergill
Regional Membership Executive (Manchester based)
0161 236 2926
Tracy O'Connell
Regional Membership Administrator (Liverpool based)
0151 478 1028
Louisa Hopkins
Regional Membership Administrator (Midlands based)
0121 665 6900
Emily Westacott
Regional Membership Administrator (Bristol based)

For matters relating to local exam sessions - venues, coordinators and associated expenses:

Dawn Hancock
Customer Service Assistant
020 8530 0832
Rebecca Fletcher
Exam Team Leader
020 8530 0805
Toby Beaver
Online Exams
020 8530 0816

For matters relating to CII representation at your dinner, dinner stationery, past president badges, CII service awards and representative council:

Maree Hall
Secretariat Coordinator
020 7417 4414

For matters relating to CII-organised events:

Vicki Lewin
Events Executive
020 7417 4793

For matters relating to student support, Discover Risk, Discover Fortunes in local schools and colleges:

Caspar Bartington
Relationship Manager - Education
020 7417 4788

For matters relating to CII CPD event accreditation:

Rekha Shane
Accreditation Consultant

Area representatives

The CII holds three Representative Council meetings each year which are attended by a network of volunteers known as Area Representatives.

Meetings take place in April, July and December.

Dates for 2018 are as follows:

Thursday 12th April 2018
Wednesday 18th July 2018
Wednesday 12th December 2018

Each local institute has an allocated Area Representative who represents them at these meetings allowing them to hear first-hand details on key initiatives and plans being rolled out that will help shape the local institute network and the CII itself.

It is also an opportunity for the Area Representatives to share local experiences and insights with other individuals from across the network, as well as raise questions to the CIIs executive panel and regional membership team.

Contact details for your Area Representative can be downloaded below as well as the Terms of Reference.

Network conference

Network Conference is an annual event aimed at the network of local institutes that provides a fantastic opportunity for our volunteers to meet their peers and colleagues from all 58 local institutes, in order to have their voice heard and to hear first-hand plans for the future of the network and the CII itself.

This one-day conference and is followed by an evening reception where the CII Service Awards will be presented.

Delegates are made up of area representatives and local institute council members.

The format of the conference varies slightly year on year, depending upon feedback obtained from the previous year and developments at the CII.

The programme usually features an update from the CIIs CEO and the regional membership team. Thereafter, other speakers cover specific areas of CII’s key activities and initiatives.

Interactive breakout sessions are run to discuss various topics which allow delegates to feedback their opinions and concerns.