Central support

Regional membership team

Running your institute is time consuming and we’re very aware that as a volunteer, your time is limited and should therefore be focused on delivering the institute’s key objectives.

The regional membership team are a central resource to provide consultation and support.

Your local institute has a dedicated Regional Membership Manager who will provide the following support to each of their allocated local institutes:

• Annual Development Plan Meeting – to take place in Q1 / Q2 of each year
• Annual Assessment Meeting – to take place in Q3 of each year
• Advice and guidance with ongoing local CPD proposition and communication programmes

We will also continue to develop national projects and initiatives to support you in the running of your local institute.

Projects such as:
• CPD tools – National programme / Online / Accreditation / Digital
• Support tools – Network Know-how / Campaigns / Process + Protocol / Network News
• Communication tools – Web and e-flyer development / The Journal / Marketing Materials
• Engagement tools – Network Conference / Rep Council / Working Parties

Each Regional Membership Manager has responsibility for set number of institutes - an overview can be downloaded below.

CII Contacts

There are a number of key CII contacts that your council officers and you will be in direct contact with, in relation to the ongoing operation of your institute

And for all queries relating to the running of your institute please contact your dedicated Regional Membership Manager; the team responsible for supporting your council and helping to deliver relevant membership services to your members:

David Irvine
Regional Membership Manager
07921 234 323
Matt Ward
Regional Membership Manager
07843 265 559
Julie Hicks
Regional Membership Manager
07918 674 589

Regional Engagement Executives, supporting local institute activity and the delivery of national projects:

Amy Oliver
Regional Engagement Executive
07833 092 373
Natalie Eveleigh
Regional Engagement Executive
020 8989 8464

For matters relating to CII-organised events:

Vicki Lewin
Events Manager
020 7417 4793

For matters relating to student support, Discover Risk, Discover Fortunes in local schools and colleges:

George Tsounias
Relationship Manager - Education
020 7417 4788

Local Institute National Forum

The Local Institute National Forum is attended by 18 local institute representatives (known as National Forum Officers) who meet four times a year to proactively discuss projects, initiatives, successes and concerns from the local institute network - giving your institute a voice within the CII.

This meeting is chaired by the Vice President for Local Institutes and organised in conjunction with the regional membership team. Actions, comments and successes from the meeting are then shared via the Vice President for Local Institutes to the CII Board on a regular basis.

This meeting is further supported by local meetings known as Local Institute Regional Forums which will allow YOUR institute to feed into the Local Institute National Forum via your Regional Forum Officer.

Key responsibilities of your National Forum Officer are highlighted below:

To co-chair Regional Forum meetings
To prepare and circulate the notice and actions for Regional Forum meetings
To circulate the national agenda for Regional Forums prepared by the CII Vice President for Local Institutes, in consultation with LINF, in advance of the meeting
To share best practice from the Regional Forum to LINF and vice versa
To raise matters of interest and concern from the Regional Forum to LINF and vice versa
To attend and participate in discussions at LINF
To provide details of the election process for Regional Representatives used by the Region to LINF if requested.

Details of your National Forum Officer can be downloaded below along with the terms of reference for the Local Institute National Forum and the Local Institute Regional Forums (x8).

Annual Volunteer Conference

Our annual volunteer conference is an annual event aimed at the network of local institutes that provides a fantastic opportunity for our volunteers to meet their peers and colleagues from all 56 local institutes, in order to have their voice heard and to hear first-hand plans for the future of the network and the CII itself.

This one-day conference and is followed by an evening reception where the CII Service Awards are presented.

Delegates are made up of area representatives and local institute council members.

The format of the conference varies slightly year on year, depending upon feedback obtained from the previous year and developments at the CII.

Interactive breakout sessions are run to discuss various topics which allow delegates to feedback their opinions and concerns.