Personal Finance Society (PFS)

The Personal Finance Society (PFS), is part of the CII and is the largest professional body for individual financial advisers in the UK market and is likely to be a significant percentage of your local institute’s membership.

For most local institutes, these members are likely to account for between 25-40% of their total membership, but for some institutes it’s as high as 50%. Your Membership Secretary will have access to your membership data and should be able to provide you with a breakdown of these figures.

It is essential that your local institute aims to deliver a proportional number of events that reflect the professional interests of your PFS members.

We recommend that at least 30% of the events that you run be suitable for your PFS members including events aimed exclusively at these members.

In order to develop a relevant proposition for your PFS members we would recommend having at least one financial services representative on your local council. This will ensure that your local institute is delivering member services that meet the needs of all your members, not just those working within the insurance sector.

The PFS has local committees that work on a regional basis as opposed to the CII model of individual local institutes. Therefore, it is likely that several of your neighbouring CII local institutes are part of the same PFS region. Consider contacting the local committee for advice and support.

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