The CIIs Professional Map

The Professional Map is a career development tool for insurance and personal finance professionals that sets out what it means to be a well-rounded professional today.

The Professional Map has been developed through extensive research and collaboration with a range of leaders and practitioners across the insurance profession – both in the UK and overseas. It combines insight from organisations of different size and type around the key competencies exemplified by successful professionals, at each stage of their careers.

Whatever level your members are at, the Professional Map will be for them. It can help gain an insight into what they need to do to achieve peak performance; guide their business or career; drive a positive working culture; and boost their professional development.

At the heart of the Professional Map are three competencies your members need, to succeed in the workplace, meet business goals and drive good customer outcomes.

Technical Expertise refers to the role-specific knowledge and skills needed to do their job, i.e. what they know.

Behaviours refer to the actions and attitudes they demonstrate in the way they make decisions and approach work and working relationships, i.e. how they apply what they know.

Enablers refer to the awareness and understanding of aspects of the working environment that enable professional practice. For example, in order to behave within a regulated environment (behaviour) you need to know the regulations (enabler).

To find out more please go to the Professional Map micro-site which will enable your members to identify training needs and to prepare for appraisals, career development and planning, job applications and progression.

Please feel free to promote the CIIs Professional Map at all your local events and activities.

If you would like one of the CIIs corporate development team to present on the Professional Map at council or at one of your local events, then please contact your Regional Membership Manager.

Central Support

Your Regional Membership Manager is your key contact - any support you require please get in touch and we can discuss how the team can help.

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