What data does your local institute have access to?

Every Sunday evening the CII uploads an electronic copy of your local institute’s membership data to this site this can be found in the membership secretary page under tools.

A nominated council member, normally the Membership Secretary or Secretary will be able to access this data. The membership data is supplied in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx file) for ease of use and analysis.

There will be one data set detailing all your members at the start of each week.

The membership spreadsheet will contain key information on all members that are affiliated to your local institute.

This includes:

Personal information (name, pin number, address)
Professional details (employer)
Membership information (start date of membership)

This information is invaluable in helping your institute determine how best to serve its members but can also be used to adequately target members with communications that are relevant and fit for purpose.

Key criteria that you may want to identify include:

Split between CII and PFS members

On a monthly basis, the CII will also upload excel workbooks showing the following data for each local institute:

  • Lapses
  • Resignations

All of the above data can be accessed by using the “My LI” link that can be seen in your tools section of this page.

The following additional data sets can be requested from your RMM:

  • Qualification and awards data
  • Chartered firms information
    Joiners & rejoiners
  • Data around examinations sat by your members and active examination vouchers held by your members.

Please allow a minimum of 5 working days for these requests to be actioned.

For more information on how to get the most out of this data set or to request a training session, please speak with your Regional membership manager.

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