Annual dinner

A local institute’s annual dinner provides an opportunity for an institute to celebrate its achievements over the last year, engage with members and local companies, and promote what the institute is all about to the wider business community.

Therefore, planning a dinner is a very complex and challenging role.

The key organiser of this event is the institute's Dinner Secretary - they will arrange the venue, menu and manage the budget as well as decide upon the format of the evening, along with the President and council.

An overview of a Dinner Secretary’s typical responsibilities can be viewed here.

One of the key responsibilities of the local institute President is to host the evening in conjunction with the Master of Ceremonies, to meet and greet guests, introduce the top table and give a formal speech that is normally based on the institute’s key objectives and successes.

Most annual dinners follow a trusted running order, but the entertainment and speakers are the choice of each individual institute – just make sure they are suitable for your audience. It is your responsibility to undertake due diligence in relation to inclusion, equality and diversity.

Good preparation is obviously important to the success of your dinner and to help you, we have put together a comprehensive support manual and key milestones. All are available to download below.

Remember, your annual dinner should be a self-funding event, with an exemplar dinner being one which breaks even or turns a small profit.

We would advise that a risk assessment be carried out, venues should have this in place but if not please find a form to download below.

Ordering menu covers and place cards

You can order CII branded menu covers and place cards. Contact your Regional Membership Manager for more information.

Menu Covers: Cost £30.00 per 100 (30p each)
Place Cards: Cost £10.00 per 100 (10p each)

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