Health Act 2009

The Act is best known for having introduced provisions for the creation of a ban on smoking in enclosed public places. This ban focuses on smoking:

In places of work.
In places that the public access to obtain goods and services, including private clubs.
In other places designated by Statutory Instrument.

The sections of the Act allowing a ban extend to England and Wales although the provisions implementing the ban came into effect separately in England and Wales. In England the ban took effect on 1 July 2007. The ban in Wales came into effect on 2 April 2007.

Smoking was banned separately in Northern Ireland and Scotland — in Northern Ireland by the Smoking (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 which took effect on 30 April 2007, and in Scotland (taking effect 26 March 2006) by the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005.

All local institutes are required to conform to provisions of the Health Act, in particular those relating to the prohibition of smoking in certain premises, places and vehicles.

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