Charitable support

Each local institute normally uses its annual dinner, and other social events, to raise funds for a chosen charity; this may be a charity or charities local or personal to the current President.

Charitable support can include activity such as collections, raffles or auctions and may involve more specific charity-focused events.

As well as choosing a local charity, local institutes also support The Insurance Charities

The Insurance Charities is the charity for the UK and Irish insurance profession, providing support for current and former insurance employees and their dependants since 1902. The Insurance Charities relies heavily on local institutes to publicise their work and provide financial support.

Local representatives may personally carry out the tasks of promoting the charity and visiting those who have applied to the charity for help, or divide the role between two or more people.

Local institutes can help The Insurance Charities by:

Planning a structured fund-raising and publicity programme which can provide appropriate support
Ensuring that an effective dialogue exists between the institute and the Charities' Secretariat
Getting involved with the annual Insurance Charities Awareness Week in June

For more information of the work undertaken by the Insurance Charities visit

How the Insurance Charities Helps

The Insurance Charities helps hundreds of insurance employees and their families each year. They provide more than £1 million of help annually.

One of the families The Insurance Charities helped is Laura and Pauric and their daughter Cara. Cara was born at 31 weeks and diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 17 months. The family were told she would never walk and would need constant care. As well as the emotional shock there were practical considerations, their house would need to be adapted for a wheelchair and they would need new car; the emotional and financial burdens kept mounting up.

Pauric heard of a surgery that can help children with cerebral palsy walk, but it was expensive and not available without travelling to America. Determined to try and do anything that could help Cara, the family started fundraising and contacted The Insurance Charities for help. The charity looked at the families’ case and agreed to fund Cara’s surgery costs in full.

The charity helped the family throughout the process and Cara is now at a mainstream school and able to walk independently, she is getting stronger all the time.

This is just one example of the many ways The Insurance Charities can help and support insurance employees and their families. Visit their website to find out more

Central Support

Your Regional Membership Manager is your key contact - any support you require please get in touch and we can discuss how the team can help.

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