Insurance Charities how to show support at annual dinners

Usually annual dinners show support of the president's chosen charity and then the Insurance charities.

In the event that your institute wishes to raise money for the Insurance Charities they have made this as easy as possible they use a platform called Wonderful. Institutes can set up a page for a specific event such as a dinner or create a general Institute page to keep open all the year round if they are intending on fundraising more than once (although you know no ask on our part). You can see examples here of existing pages and people can create a page easily on the RHS. ( on this link there is a link that says “create a fundraising page” this is what you need to use to create one for insurance charities)

Once an Institute has a page (with a dedicated URL) they can create a QR code for free which could then be printed on event materials such dinner menus etc

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