Realigning the Partnership - update March/April 2024

Realigning the Partnership - update March/April

The regional membership team are currently working on each of the nine key themes that make up the Realigning the Partnership initiative. We will be engaging further within the breakout sessions on three of the key themes at this year’s Network Conference.

Theme One: Networking events

What you said: Local institutes viewed networking activities for members as their key priority.

The team have now started to create a good practice guide which will focus on how to run positive networking events that benefit members locally.

Theme Two: Exam Training

What you said: Local institutes need more support to arrange exam training for members

The team is working with the CII Learning Propositions team to ensure local institutes are considered in the ongoing development of a national exam training programme proposition, including the choice to offer financial support for their members who participate in the programme. The regional team will continue to work with the central team to make sure the network has a voice, and views and feedback are considered to help shape future programmes.

Theme Three: Career support and engagement

What you said: Local institutes are keen to do more cannot progress without further support from CII.

The team is working with the CII Career Partner Manager to create a plan for delivering more consistent and structured support for LIs who want to provide career support and engage with schools & colleges in their locality. In Q2 we will survey all LIs to ascertain current activities and gaps, with results used to inform next steps. We will also review the local institute career officer role, and provide regular updates on progress via network communications.

Theme Four: CPD

What you said: Local institutes would like to help develop a standard CPD core offering for members across the UK.

The team have consulted with the CIIs Content and Capabilities Director to discuss how this could be best achieved. We are awaiting on the development of an advisory panel with representatives from Local Institutes and wider member stakeholders which will be established in Q3 to discuss how we can maximise our CPD offering both nationally and locally.

Theme Five: Corporate and chartered firm engagement

What you said: Local institutes want to develop further relationships with key organisations at a local level.

The team are working with the business development team to ensure we are working closer together in order develop visibility and support for our local institutes. The business development executives will be attending this year’s Network Conference to support the regional membership team and develop relationships with each of the 54 institutes.

Theme Six: Thematic groups

What you said: Local institutes need additional support for key council roles.

The team are current organising and sending out meeting dates for our thematic group updates – these meetings will focus on diversity officers, education secretaries, CPD officers, communication officers, presidents, and deputy presidents. We will also be launching the next round of CEO Digital Town Halls over the coming weeks – giving local institutes the opportunity to meet the CIIs new CEO – Matthew Hill.

Theme Seven: Annual network conference

What you said: Local institutes want to further support the development and hosting of Network Conference.

The regional membership team are currently working with the CIIs events team to develop this year’s volunteer conference - NC2024. Invites have now been sent to each local institute council.

Theme Eight: Grants

What you said: Local institutes would like to see more financial support for smaller institutes to stop potential cash flow issues.

This theme has now been ACTIONED and COMPLETED. Smaller local institutes will now receive 80% of their annual ordinary grant in January to ensure that there are no cash flow issues going forward.

Theme Nine: Non-financial resourcing

What you said: Local institutes need more central staffing support.

The recruitment of two new staff for the regional membership team - a Regional Membership Manager (supporting the North-West and North-East) and a Regional Membership Executive (supporting the team to develop volunteer engagement events and volunteer communications) has commenced. Laura Wharfe, previously Regional Membership Administrator was promoted into the Regional Membership Executive role. Anouska Luboff has been appointed as the new Regional Membership Administrator. We will be shortly commencing interview for the Regional Membership Manager role.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the Realigning the Partnership initiative, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Regional Membership Manager - your feedback will help us ensure that what we continue to deliver is relevant and fit for purpose.