Equality & Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion forms part of the CII’s key strategic objectives and is at the heart of all that the CII does.

The CIIs diversity and inclusion vision is based on the premise that ‘Every person counts and matters in keeping our sector moving, growing and working by creating an inclusive environment for all by, inspiring, engaging, communicating and involving all stakeholders.’

You can learn more about diversity and making your institute more diverse by reading through the PowerPoint presentations below as well as the diversity and inclusion standards document that has been created specifically for the network.

At the very least your institute should be collating an equality check list for each event it delivers for its members locally.

A blank events checklist for you to collate for each local event you run can be downloaded below.

You should ensure your council understands and, if necessary, endorces an equality and diversity policy for your local institute, your policy should be displayed on your website. It is also an important part of your accreditation renewal for events.

The CII has recently developed the documents and videos below to help staff, stakeholders and members understand the importance of diversity not just because it is the right thing to do, but because of the positive impact on our businesses, the sector as a whole and society in general. Please contact your Regional Membership Manager if you would like a print run of these documents to hand out at local CPD and networking events.

Diversity in Insurance video can be viewed here.

CII Values video can be viewed here.

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