Annual General Meeting

All local institutes across the UK hold their Annual General Meeting in March, April or May.

Numerous decisions are taken at these meetings, including the election of a president, deputy president and all other members of council.

The institute’s annual report and accounts will be discussed and adopted. The new president also has the opportunity to discuss their plans and key objectives for the coming 12 months.

The AGM also gives your members a voice in relation to the running of their local institute and the associated local membership proposition, allowing them to ask any questions to council regarding the direction the institute will take in the future. So be prepared.

Knowing what to do during the AGM as both incoming and outgoing president is essential to make sure the AGM runs smoothly and each institute should work closely with their secretary to make sure the meeting runs smoothly.

An overview of a secretary’s typical responsibilities can be viewed here.

For more advice on the running of your AGM you can access and download the AGM tool kit elements below which give an overview on how to successfully promote and run your AGM.

The RMM team collate an annual insert for The Journal which highlights the importance of your AGM and gives members forewarning of your institutes AGM date. An example can be viewed here.

Following the meeting a number of forms and pieces of information known as annual returns will need to be submitted including your officer returns form, your annual dinner date, your annual accounts, your AGM minutes, your CPD accreditation renewal and next year’s AGM date.

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