The local institute constitution is the most important document that any institute possesses and yet very few officers or members are fully conversant with its contents. The constitution embodies the authority that allows a local institute to exist. It also sets out what an institute can, and cannot, do.

Every local institute secretary (and indeed council member) should know their institute’s constitution. It is their ‘bible’ and is especially important when preparing for and undertaking the Annual General (or other General) Meeting and when vacancies occur on the council.

The local institute model constitution is a guide, and whilst most local institutes have adopted it as it stands, others have used it for what it is – a guide – and have amended it to suit their institute’s specific requirements.

It must always be remembered that local institutes are separate legal entities but in accordance with clause 36 and 36.1 of the model constitution any proposed alterations to a local institute constitution must be submitted first to the CII Legal & Secretariat Department for comment and agreement.

Please contact your Regional Membership Manager if you have any questions.

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