Succession planning

There are a number of key roles on local institute councils where there is a vital need to identify potential successors.

The identification of possible candidates for the roles of president, deputy president, secretary, treasurer, education secretary and dinner secretary are essential in maintaining the successful running of your local institute.

By having successors (or deputies) for these key positions it ensures that council members have exposure to these roles, keeping your council fresh and allowing your institute to move forward.

Many local institutes appoint a past president to take on the responsibility for succession planning, having already been through the process as deputy president and then president. In particular, the immediate past president should have responsibility for encouraging the younger members of the institute to become involved with committees and council.

There are a number of benefits of being a volunteer on a local institute council and these should be used when approaching individuals to take an active part on your council. Volunteering will allow them to help shape the institute and the local proposition whilst increasing their visibility locally helping to further their career.

If you are having problems with recruiting new members on to council then speak with your Regional Membership Manager.

Central Support

Your Regional Membership Manager is your key contact - any support you require please get in touch and we can discuss how the team can help.

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